A Non-Profit Social Venture Organized To Deliver
Sustainable Programs To Unlock Human Potential

Empowering Children reach full potential through Strategic Thinking, Intellectual Creativity, and Problem Solving through chess.
Improving Decision-Making skills of At-Risk Youth, reducing Recidivism and helping transform them into better citizens.
Providing Recreation Therapy for Veterans for tough times during transitioning and enriching their experience through chess.
Helping Senior Citizens with brain stimulation through chess programs to stay mentally active and healthy.

Transforming Lives. Impacting Communities.

Building a Better World.

What began as a mission for a 9-year old boy to impact one life set the foundation for what, in 2012, became Chess for Humanity, an organization that has impacted thousands of lives, one move at a time.

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To implement sustainable programs that enrich the human experience with full potential, nurture humanity, and create a better world.
To provide veterans with recreational therapy to stay strong and focused during tough times of transition, maintain seniors’ brain health through stimulation with mental exercises to prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia, transform at-risk juvenile youth with decision-making education to reduce violence and recidivism, and empower children with strategic life skills programs to help them succeed in school and in life.
You Can’t change the whole world, but you can change one’s world


The support that you have given to provide the Veterans with enjoyable recreational activities is to be commended. Your assistance contributes significantly toward their well-being.
- J. Hopkins, Chief Recreation Therapy, Dept. of Veterans Affairs
We are very proud to have Chess for Humanity come to Walnut Place. Akshay is a very compassionate, intelligent and patient young man. It is so wonderful to watch him teaching the elderly.
- Jeanette Davis, Life Enrichment Director
Chess for Humanity is a powerful organization to help many who are usually overlooked. Extraordinary bright and mature young man, the founder of Chess for Humanity has clarity of the challenges and the solution. Bravo!!
- K Marshall
It is gratifying to know that there are people like you and organizations like Chess for Humanity who are concerned for Veterans. Thank you for your kindness to the Veterans.
- J. Hopkins, Chief Recreation Therapy, Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Chess for Humanity has been a very inspirational and mentally stimulating program for our residents. The confidence level and decision making skills increased dramatically after being exposed to the program. I would recommend this program for all ages.
Brian Bruner, Juvenile Supervision Officer